Going public at the Canadian War Museum

Colosseum Lives Team Blog July 9, 2015

 A while ago we received a very gracious invitation from the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa to come up and show off Colosseum Lives as part of their ongoing exhibit “Gladiators and Colosseum, Death and Glory”. So naturally we took them up on it! We packed up our brand-new stand (cables begone!) and hit the road.


We exhibited for an entire day at the War Museum, surrounded by several dozen tanks and an F-101 Voodoo dangling literally overhead! This is the first time the general public – our intended audience – would try out Colosseum Lives, so we were naturally a bit nervous.

It was a great turnout – about a hundred people stopped by over the course of the day, with some waiting for 40+ minutes (thanks for your patience guys!) for their turn. For most people it was their first time experiencing virtual reality, though a surprisingly sizeable portion of the audience had already heard of the Oculus. We even had a few aspiring developers stop by with questions and advice. Read More

Colosseum Lives debuts at the AAM Expo 2015 in Atlanta

Colosseum Lives Team Blog June 2, 2015


We officially unveiled Colossuem Lives and the American Alliance of Museums convention in Atlanta. This was a big deal for us – it was the first time showing off Colosseum Lives anywhere. It was a fun three-day peek inside the museum industry, where we got to chat directly with museum professionals about the place VR had in the future of museums. And conversely it was also the first time most museum professionals came face-to-face with a VR product specifically targeted for their industry.

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